Blog template

I only uploaded the background image. See how it changed the template settings to a black background.

1. The maximum width: 1440px wide 

2. I will upload a background image that is 300px square. 

3. Thanks.... (link colors, mouse over colors, and clicked colors ) not working in settings for the footer area and the 3 columns above footer.)

4. No force. note: need to have photos look correct on the computer and cell phone in the post. 

5. Okay, I will explain. 

1. I open Google blogger. 

2. Click on "Theme" 

3. Click on "Customize" 

4. Click on "Remove Image" 

NOTE: The background image. Notice the background blog becomes all black. Not a white background.

If you click on: "Reset background and color to theme default" Then some of the blog is black and some is white.

5a. What I need is the Main color theme to be a white background and black font. Uploading or deleting a background will change the settings